German Hanger Tent

German Hanger Tent: We also do Customize Tent on the request of the clients.

Countrywide Events is renowned for our exceptional quality and competitive price. We successfully execute hundreds of events, exhibition and wedding every year.

German hangar is the building structure used to built tents for events, exhibitions, Product Launch, shows, weddings. It is made from aluminum alloy metal. The density of the aluminium alloy is one-third of the weight of steel, which is the most preferred lightweight metal. Being littler then steel it reduces the load-bearing pressure & it is easy to transport and construct the tent!

The Size Span (meters) is S Less than 30 m, M 30–60 m, L 60–90 m, XL 90–120 m & XXL More than 120 m. These Tents are available in 100 seaters, 200 seaters, 400 seaters, 600 seaters, 1000 seaters, etc . Type of Tents: Normal Tent, Polygonal Tent, Curved Tent, Arcum Tent, Hexagon Tent, Pagoda Tent, Mixed Tent. Environmental Friendly. Rain Proof, Sun Proof, Anti-ageing.

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