5 ways Indian Weddings have evolved

Indian wedding traditions are popularly known for their notable and unique characteristics which include a myriad of wedding traditions, ceremonies and festivities. While they are always synonymous with fun moments and exciting celebrations, but a lot has evolved owing to the changing tastes, social mores, exposure and lifestyle choices of many Indian couples. Cool wedding customs and distinct ideas are fast replacing the older wedding traditions. A wedding can now be fully customised as per the tastes of the couple and their city of choice. An experienced wedding event management company in Delhi can plan your dream wedding in unique and customized ways. Everything new is making Indian weddings all the more special. Here are 5 ways how Indian weddings are evolving and becoming more dynamic. 

Tradition and Rituals

Traditions and rituals in the wedding are now evolving to suit the personal beliefs of couples. They are now taking time to understand these traditions rather than following these rituals blindly. Pre-wedding parties also known as sangeet are gaining popularity. The celebration consists of the bride’s and the groom’s family members getting together for song and dance. Unlike the times when wedding guests and relatives used to be pretty shy and reserved, it’s amazing to see everyone coming forward to shake a leg. Above all, the dance performances offers respite from all the taxing wedding preparations. 


Indian wedding outfits are unique and beautiful in their own essence. However, we have seen brides dressing up in a traditional way for decades but now they are  getting more experimental with colours and textures to match their themes, or even their moods. They are not only focusing on the colour or designs of their outfit but also actively participate to decide about the cuts, the drape and the accessories that go with it.

Wedding invitations

The wedding invitation card plays a very important role in Indian weddings. It is meant to invite people to witness a very beautiful union, between two people and their respective families. The design and format of wedding invitations have undergone many changes and evolved over a period of time. Invites with bright Indian colours are a thing of the past, people are now opting for more subtle shades or floral invites. These days, wooden wedding cards are also being used to wow the guests. Wooden wedding invites are also becoming a trend for style conscious couples adding more value to the card. 

The Ambience and the Venue

Over the years, Indian weddings have become a more lavish and grand affair. With decoration and menu more creative than ever, couples are focusing on creating a memorable experience for their guests. Flowers such as mogra, delphinium and especially roses today are an imperative part of Indian weddings setting the vibe and ambience. For grand and royal weddings, bright colored shades and extravagant flowers are being used to give an elegant and unbeatable look. Indian weddings are grand affairs with multiple rituals that are performed on days before and after the wedding. Traditional venues such as banquet and party halls are a passe now. People are now getting creative and opting unique venues such as a National park, a beach or even a nightclub! This results in a more relaxed and fun environment than a very conservative wedding setup. A professional wedding event management company in Delhi offers multi disciplinary services and can help you create the desired set up. 

Destination weddings

Destination weddings are gaining popularity among young Indian couples. The charm and mystical beauty of a destination elevates the wedding celebrations to a new level making them unique and memorable. Big fat Indian weddings might have been a trend so far, but today’s couples are moving away from overcrowded wedding ceremonies. For people who like to thoroughly enjoy with their closest friends and family, huge wedding parties are not a great idea.  It is the privacy and intimacy of a destination wedding that people have started appreciating. Be in on a breach, an exotic island or a regal castle, destination weddings are opulent minus the crowd. A destination wedding ensures that everyone involved receives due attention and enjoys to the fullest. 

No matter how much the wedding trends have changed and evolved, Indian weddings are always cooler and happening than any other wedding. With endless amount of fun and laughter all around, Indian wedding celebrations and ceremonies go on and on for a long time.