Going through the entire wedding planning process can feel pretty overwhelming at times. Wedding planning means taking care of a lot of extra details: there is a huge wedding planning checklist, timelines and different vendors to deal with. Right from designing to planning to execution including logistics, everything needs to be taken care of in a professional manner and requires plenty of time. While it is a great idea to involve your significant other in all this planning as well because your wedding should represent both of you but some details are best handled by the professionals. Well, we know you must be having wedding jitters and anxious thoughts too as you come closer to the big day. So why not relax and look for the right wedding professionals to help you out.

Once you make up your mind to hire help from someone, you would eagerly start exploring the entire wedding vocabulary of what all wedding management services are available in the market. You would often come across two most popular terms: wedding planner and wedding designer. These two people play an important role in making your wedding look like a dream. Do they sound similar to you? Feeling confused who does what and whom to hire? If you are wondering what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer, we’ve got you covered.

The wedding planner

The wedding planner is one who plans your wedding to make it run smoothly

Wedding planners are experienced professionals who plan, organise hundreds of details, both big and small to make your wedding a smooth affair. As they offer impeccable planning services related to your wedding and manage all aspects in a bid, they help you handle wedding planning stress allowing you to stay relaxed. They plan things in an organized manner and at an optimized pace helping you proceed with the celebrations with a relaxed mind. Basically, wedding planners are involved from the very beginning of the planning process and remain till the end.

The wedding planner is in charge of bringing together all the elements to deliver a perfect and memorable wedding day. Right from sourcing and liaising with venues, assisting with budget creation and management, food, drink and entertainment and managing the wedding suppliers and vendors keeping in mind the wedding day timeline, they plan every detail and do it with their own unique style.

Having years of experience in the wedding industry, wedding planners have a solid network of wedding equipment suppliers and vendors. They can help you get the best deals and discounts. They are always strategic and careful about each detail and can help you hire the best wedding suppliers to ensure a memorable day. On the actual wedding day, the planner will coordinate with the suppliers, ensuring everything runs on schedule. There is always a chance of at least one thing going against the plan. But worry not when wedding planners are around. They are adept in handling emergencies and can resolve any issues smoothly if and when they arise.

From start to finish wedding planners can help you plan all the elements of your wedding. They are trusted people for planning, and managing everything related to the wedding.

The wedding designer

A wedding designer combines multiple elements to create the desired style, atmosphere and aesthetic appeal of the event

A wedding designer is responsible for designing and executing your nuptials to reach an outcome that you had always dreamt of. Be it wedding stationery or floral arrangements, they plan and design the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding in a unique and creative manner. Having years of experience in wedding designing, they are well versed with the latest wedding design and decor concepts and look after far more than florals alone—from setting up the structural foundation from the ground up to designing custom furniture to suit your personal style, selecting ultimate lighting for a perfect venue and so much more. Often they work in conjunction with vendors such as florists and lighting technicians to execute their design plans.

The right decor and set up can completely transform a wedding site. Your wedding designer is the one who can back your dream and help you create your vision by using their years of industry experience and creative skills. All you need to do is communicate any ideas or the specific theme you are trying to pull off to the wedding designer and they would take care of it in the utmost professional manner.

Much before your wedding, be sure you have a clear mindset about the style, design and theme you desire for your wedding whether it will be a classic or traditional wedding or a classic wedding with a modern twist. Your wedding designer will then take care of the desired style and theme of your event. They will begin sketching the décor concepts according to your taste and create and assemble your unique vision that matches your taste and personality.

Difference between wedding designer and wedding planner

The role played by a wedding designer is purely aesthetic. He is only responsible for planning the overall wedding aesthetics and is not involved in the whole wedding planning from the start. On the other hand, a wedding planner thinks in terms of the big picture.

A wedding designer specializes in wedding design and decor concepts and strives to give your event a cohesive, stylish, and sophisticated look. Right from floor plans to the lighting design to the flowers, furniture, they plan the design and aesthetics. A wedding planner is responsible for planning the logistical elements that will bring your wedding vision to life and much more. Right from the dinner and menu arrangements to reviewing the overall budget to clothing and flowers to deciding the venue for ceremony and reception, drinks and entertainment, a wedding planner manages all the aspects of the day.

While a wedding designer looks after the appearance of the event, a wedding planner gets involved from the very beginning of the planning process. Besides assisting with budget creation and management, venue selection, vendor referrals, they can also act as a trusted advisor on everything wedding related. Being experienced in this field, they will also take care of any changed requirements if they would arise. Also they play an important role on the wedding day. They will also coordinate the big day as well and will be actively available to orchestrate the event.