Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world like a giant tsunami and no one was prepared for it. Industries across the spectrum have tumbled into an economic crisis. The event management industry has incurred unprecedented losses due to postponement or cancellation of events. 

Although the coronavirus pandemic looms at large, businesses cannot remain frozen forever. As the governments relax the lockdown situation and allow more activities, event organizers are seeing a glimmer of hope. 

Organizing and managing an event during the Covid-19 pandemic is not easy by any means. Events have to be reimagined keeping in mind the safety of the attendees and the government protocol. Here is how you can prepare and organize an event in a professional, cheerful yet safe manner. 


Pre-event Preparation: 


  • Minimize the guest list: Whether you are organizing a wedding or a corporate event, the guest list should be cut down to the minimum. Collecting their contact and health-related details are necessary. If anyone is suffering with a chronic disease and has a low immunity, it is better to drop them from the guest list. 

  • Select the right venue: Although your guests may be few, you should opt for a spacious and well-ventilated banquet hall, conference area, or outdoor space because you need to maintain distance between the guests. 

  • Pre-order sufficient supplies: Supplies like thermal scanners, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, masks, PPE kits, disposable catering items, and so on should be stocked up before the event. 

  • Identify the risk factors: Event organizers should identify risk factors related to their event like nearby crowded places, food and refreshment sections, restrooms, etc and adopt adequate safety measures. 

  • Medical and isolation facility: It is better to be prepared for the worst. A precautionary arrangement should be made to isolate any of your guests who might feel ill or show symptoms of Covid-19.  

  • Communicate the guidelines to the invitees: A detailed list of safety guidelines, Do’s and Don’ts should be shared with the guests before they attend your event. 

Action plan during the event: 


  • No contact registration: Once your guests arrive at the venue, they need to register. You can opt for an online registration form or mobile apps to ensure zero contact. 


  • Protocols during entry: Upon entry, every single person should be subjected to thermal scanning and sanitization. Guests should be advised to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. 


  • Maintain social distancing: While seating your guests at a wedding reception or a conference, they should maintain distance. Even on the stage and in the dining area, the same protocol should be followed. The equipment, gadgets, furniture, etc should be sanitized pre and post-event. 


  • Make use of technology: Technology lends a wonderful helping hand to manage events during the Coronavirus pandemic. By using projectors or LCD screens at regular distances, you can engage your audiences even when they are sitting apart. Be it a product launch, wedding, or a landmark birthday party, the event can be live-streamed to a larger group of audience and you can make it interactive as well. 


  • Regular sanitization and disinfection of common areas: Event organizers should dedicate a fleet of staff members to regularly sanitize and clean common areas like a walkway, dining area, stage, restrooms and entry, and exit regularly. 


  • If someone is unwell: Unfortunately, if any of your guests feel sick, they should be immediately moved to the isolation center and concerned authorities should be informed. That person and their immediate contacts should be tested for Covid-19. 


Post-event sanitization: 


  • Clean and sanitize: As an event organizer it is your responsibility to thoroughly clean the venue once the event is over. You can collaborate with a team of professionals to sanitize the entire premises.  


  • In case an attendee tests positive for Covid-19: Even when you take every precaution to ensure the safety of your guests, one or the other person may test positive for Covid-19. In such cases, you should share the details of all the attendees with the respective authorities to help them trace their contacts. 


Organizing events during the Coronavirus pandemic is a great challenge for organizers. Even the smallest safety details have to be worked out, which may be very taxing. But with determination, planning, and out of the box thinking, one can organize successful events spreading joy and positivity among people.