Provision of food and drinks to an organization or business needs to keep in mind safety, hygiene and timely availability. Keeping the requirements of the client in mind, corporate catering operations are streamlined through reliable caterer. When it comes to choosing the best catering service for corporate sector, type of cuisine, number of guests, defining the regular menu and focusing on the schedule or timing are some of the important factors worth a consideration. In addition, the catering in corporate sector is all about availing services according to the size of the organization, ensuring the organic produce for preparing healthy & fresh food and further maintaining uniformity in the offerings.

Whether it is in-house catering, mobile catering, local catering, functional catering or any other type of corporate catering, you just need to ensure the specifications of the food & drink as well as other amenities are available in the sufficient quantity in accordance to the audience. Catering within the business space enables the professionals to explore a variety of cuisines, luxury experience of dining which cannot be generally attained through general kitchen facilities and smaller audience catering gets facilitated through mobile catering. However, choosing the right type of catering enables you to deliver the best kitchen facilities according to your business requirements.

Types of corporate catering and their benefits

Searching for catering companies online is a simplified task at present, but, it becomes a chief point of reflection to identify the type of corporate catering worth finalizing. From organizing a team lunch, considering a variety of dishes, time to cater meals to employee and various other factors to proper coordination with the caterers, the right type of catering services need to be finalized. Following are some of the major catering solutions which can be preferred according to their relevance:

In-house catering

As a part of this type corporate catering, the kitchen facilities can be employed within in the office premises. It further implicates that the on-site cooking activities can be streamlined with the help of in-house catering. The only limitation of this type of catering service is lesser prospects if events to be facilitated are increased. In simple to comprehend terms, the in-house catering services may not be able to offer comparatively more luxury experience like others.

Mobile catering

When the catering services have to be offered at a secure, large place with a smaller audience, then, mobile catering turns out to be the perfect alternative. In addition, trying multiple cuisines and involving in fun opportunities as a part of this corporate catering becomes a smooth experience.

Functional catering

From business lunches, events, conclaves and business promotional events to other breakfast meetings, the functional catering services act as the ideal option to provide exclusively planned dining facilities to the business professionals. Whether it is team engagement, boosting productivity or making work hour fun during corporate events, the functional catering proves to be a beneficial solution.

Major components of corporate catering

Most of the times, the agenda of catering varies on the basis of proposed hour of offering kitchen facilities, type of dining and the audience. Hence, following are some of the components of corporate catering which should be evaluated before finalizing the right option:

  1. Platters: A platter is basically a combination of sandwiches, snacks and desserts depending on the type of event. This catering option is affordable and it has variety of items which can be added to the menu.
  2. Individual orders: This catering option is a dedicated standard food delivery system aimed at serving the individuals in the corporate segment according to their preferences.
  3. Buffet-style: The buffet-style of catering option can be expensive due to the variety of dining items available in the menu. It is suitable for the events witnessing a large group of people.

Furthermore, Pop-up restaurants and Food truck are the other corporate catering options which can serve the purpose of facilitating kitchen facilities by the businesses. In case, you have been lately planning to get catering facilities arranged for the business professionals, then, Countrywide Events Private Limited can be connected with to discuss the requirements. Our seasoned caterers will look into your business needs and accordingly, tailor a plan of action.