What is brand promotion?

Brand promotion is the way to inform and remind the target audiences about your message, persuading them and influencing them to purchase your product or service. Right from traditional media to online digital channels including social media, companies nowadays use different platforms for promoting their brand and bringing out the message. Through effective brand promotion methods, they strive to introduce their unique personality to target customers while conveying how they can help solve their pain points.

Your product or service has some value and uniqueness in it. Brand promotion is basically how you communicate that value to prospect customers through your marketing. Here’s a quick tip for long term success. In the world of intense competition and competitors vying for market share, marketers must tell a compelling brand story through messaging to make their brand stand out and create high brand equity.

Importance of brand promotion 

Brand promotion is required to −

  • Communicate what the business does and convey information related to product and services features, prices, and deals.
  • Differentiate your own product and services and create a unique brand identity.
  • Create and increase the demand for the product and services
  • Strengthen the company’s market position and reputation
  • Evoke positive feelings and sentiments about the brand
  • Generate sales 
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Outperform the competitor’s marketing efforts and make your brand stand in a highly competitive market.

It is important to build and maintain relationships with the consumers and thus brand promotion should be an ongoing process. Even a well-established brand requires brand promotion on an ongoing basis to remain etched in the minds of the customers. For example, Colgate and Close up are already popular brands but they still resort to brand promotion methods and ads to compete with each other.

5 Methods of Brand Promotion

One of the fundamental facts of marketing is that brand presence can make or break your business. According to the Global Banking and Finance Review, 71% of consumers prefer purchasing from a known brand. Similarly, 82% of investors take brand recognition into account when making an investment decision. 

Seeing the challenges that 2020 shaved upon businesses, it is evident that you need to prepare your brand for the post coronavirus world and multiply brand promotion efforts. We share our top 5 suggestions for a brand promotion that you can adopt right away.

1. Advertising : Advertising is the most trusted means of promoting your brand to the masses. From traditional mass media like newspapers and television to various digital platforms, ads are highly impactful in creating awareness. When you advertise your product as a solution to solve a challenge or to improve user’s lifestyles, people are more likely to get curious and try your brand.

2. Publicity : As a brand owner, it is important to put your brand in the spotlight. When you market your brand through press releases and media coverage, it is known as brand publicity. Being featured in newspapers and print media advertisements not only helps you get your business seen but adds credibility to the brand. In a nutshell, it enhances the brand image and helps improve the brand’s perception which is critical to success in a crowded marketplace.

3. Packaging : Your product could be as good or even better than your competitor but if you have a poor packaging, it can affect your business image. And thus it is important to make good packaging decisions to promote your brand positively. Also, a poor package can lead to product damage. If the packaging is not durable enough to withstand the external conditions such as heat, cold, rain, then it is likely that the product will reach its destination in a bad condition which will ultimately destroy your brand image. So make sure your product packaging wrappers are both innovatively designed and durable too. 

4. 360° Campaign : Go all out and do not hold back when you are campaigning your brand. Use a combination of both digital marketing channels and traditional marketing platforms to bring your product closer to target users and showcase what your brand promises. 360 degree campaigns always translate into better sales.

5. Social platforms : You will be astonished to know that 90% of the customers buy from brands that they follow on social media. However, advertising on social media requires experience and expertise. You can either have an in-house digital marketing team or hire experienced marketers to craft customized campaigns for your brand. Today social media is a popular platform to reach out to a targeted audience and put your brand on the podium. 

Customer Appreciation

Appreciating the customers for their efforts and loyalty is actually a great way of creating a fond memory attached with the brand. When you thank them for their loyalty and recognize their efforts, this further encourages and motivates the customers to stay associated with you and spread the word which ultimately helps in brand promotion. For example you can give away unique perks or organize in-store refreshment events and offer food treats such as pizza, burger etc to the most deserving and loyal customers. 

Why Brand Ambassador?

With the increasing influence of the internet and the social media, the role of a brand ambassador has become a significant one. A brand ambassador is a person who embodies the brand, represents the brand and influences the customers. As they help differentiate your brand using their individual popularity, they enhance your organization’s marketing efforts and generate sales opportunities.