Businesses that prioritize physical events, in comparison with virtual events still have a long way to go as the Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed consumer behaviour and social distancing is the new way of life and is here to stay for some time. While physical events business will surely bounce back after the Covid-19, but the pandemic will certainly change the course of meetings and business events in the future. Enhanced virtual participation through webinars and online product launch events which can span across many locations at the same time, satellite events complementing larger gatherings etc. could be the new event strategies. 

Below are a few tips for planning the perfect product launch event after the Covid-19 pandemic and capture the time and attention of prospective attendees


1. Evaluate the present situation

As you know, the Coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the mindsets of people and the way they shop, the same must be carefully analyzed by businesses. Consumer sentiment and behavior and purchasing habits are changing and settling into a new normal and these new ways will remain the same post-pandemic as well. One must consider all these factors before planning their product launch event to benefit from the existing trends. Hire professional event planners who can plan and reimagine marketing as per the new normal. 


2. Design relevant messaging keeping the customer’s pain points in mind

Each product launch event comes down to understanding the target audience, their expectations and their requirements. Since the world has been dealing with the deadly Coronavirus outbreak since an extremely long period of time, brands must design messaging keeping in mind the unique pain points that their customers are grappling with to make those moments deeper and memorable in the audiences’ lives. For example, a company launching a skincare product could offer a certain percentage off and exciting deals and discounts for health care workers paying a tribute to their considerable efforts during the pandemic times. A blend of a solid strategy and relevant messaging that resonates with the audience you’re trying to target can help you maximize the impact and ROI of your product launch event. 


3. Put the customer and not the brand first

All relationships have an emotional connect and that holds true for the connection between people and brands. Your business’ relationship with customers is nourished by great customer experiences which further impacts their feelings and emotions and forms the entire customer journey. The locked down nature of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other dramatically altering their daily experiences. As a business leader you can help people thrive when they are stressed and fearful and break the rut. When planning a product launch event after the Covid times, focus on the customer and not just the brand. Post Covid, the brands that will come out on the top showing they authentically care about their base, and about humanity in general can win the hearts of their customers.


4. Focus on having a small gathering

Even after the Covid pandemic ends, people will be sceptical about attending events in person. But, on the other hand, the events industry cannot remain frozen for a long time and as per an old saying the show must go on. To target the new consumers that Covid-19 has shaped up, businesses should focus on planning smaller product launch events with a manageable audience. Event planners must make relevant adjustments to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community. They should analyze the current conditions and accordingly plan on how to significantly reduce the number of attendees for gatherings.


5. Plan and organize virtual events and simulate the same experience

COVID-19 has had an enormous effect on the live events industry. As per a prediction, the pandemic will reduce or even eliminate the number of live events in the future too. A number of conferences, meetings are being planned and designed as virtual events to keep up with the new rules in these challenging times. Virtual events can help stay connected and allowattendance irrespective of any geographical location. They facilitate the delivery of the brand’s core message and crucial information in real time. As long as virtual events are strategically planned using the right technologies by professional event planners, they can help businesses reach even a wider audience and give a similar experience as traditional events. So think about virtual events and be open to new ways of connecting.


6. Spend your event budget more wisely

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, we all have got confined to our homes. The content consumption has increased manifold and is greater than ever right now due to having more time in hand. So marketers are creating way more content than they ever did to leverage this trend. Persistent efforts, consistent communication, and frequent reminders are some of the things we must to stick to in order to spread awareness about our online product launch event. Focus on what to communicate and how to push out more content about your upcoming products and services. Also, listen to and converse with your target audience on social media. Talk to them to know if they are reaching out to you or not. Since all the other expenditures (such as paying for food, speakers, logistics etc) that physical events incurred get eliminated, you are left with a lot of money for planning and promoting your event. Spend the budget wisely and become more creative with your online marketing activities, especially the content. 

Let us try and understand the impact that Covid-19 has had on the live events industry. Following above tips and measures can help you reduce this negative impact and boost the impact and reach of your product launch event.