The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic held back in-person events for a considerable period of time. As it continued to sweep through the world, companies and businesses switched to a broader perspective to connect audiences and communities, while adapting to new event hosting technologies and changing consumer behavior. In-person events were replaced by virtual ones and attending and engaging with events virtually became the widespread trend of the events industry. As the pandemic is slowly bidding farewell and people movement and gathering resumes, the event industry is slowly but steadily getting back on track. However the revival of the physical networking events comes with a lot of expectations from the prospect audience fraternity. Achieving meaningful engagement will be the most important objective on the radar of companies and businesses hosting an event. Today in this article we will guide you about how to make your event interactive and fun while engaging both current and prospective customers and ensuring brand growth and awareness.

1. Create an enticing hashtag and use it across your social channels

The use of hashtags is ubiquitous all over social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With a distinct and never ending life cycle, it is undoubtedly a blessing for marketers who are vying for attention and want to get into the spotlight. To place your event marketing efforts on a positive trajectory, it is important to create the hashtag way before the event. Once you have come up with a hashtag, share it with the attendees on your social platforms so that they can find posts or information related to your event easily. Most importantly, always remember to create an intriguing hashtag to cut through digital clutter and create an experience attendees will talk about and love to share. 

In a nutshell, hashtags are one of the best ways to increase engagement and drive attention to your event. Don’t forget to include them in your marketing strategy to keep your audience engaged before, during and after your event. 

2. Invest in effective email marketing to create the buzz

Email marketing is a highly effective digital strategy and has a lot of potential when it comes to converting prospects into customers and spreading awareness about a product launch, discounts and offers, or an upcoming event. Plan and send multiple successive emails to your target audience to inform them about your event, build engagement and increase interaction rates. Also, keep in touch with the attendees who have registered to visit your event by sending them emails about how your event is building up, its various goals, people who are attending the event including renowned public figures, leading industry experts, if any, to make the experience as engaging and personal as possible.

Sharing those little and fun details about your events can engage audiences like none other. Reveal details such as whether the attendees will be receiving any giveaways and surprises upon attending the event (you may add that you are celebrating the return to normalcy). Furthermore, get the word out about any extra-special initiatives such as entertaining programs and games on the day of the event. Leverage the email platform conscientiously to create awareness and emotional connect the way you envision. Remember your content must be strong enough to trigger engagement and should match your excitement of hosting the event and welcoming valued customers.

3. Connect and collaborate with influencers

Today influencer marketing is a mainstream form of online marketing for building effective brand advocacy and brand promotions. Businesses regularly leverage the power of influencer marketing to create a buzz about their products and services, and make important announcements. Your event marketing is no exception! Working with influencers to promote your event can help you capture the attention of target customers way before the event and increase event registrations.

Gone are the days when influencer marketing was the cup of tea of only celebrities. Today dedicated bloggers and anyone who has a dedicated social media following can use social media platforms to influence the target audience and build momentum. If you are keen to spread the word about your event faster you should absolutely be using these social influencers for event promotion and increasing ticket sales.

Influencers are considered as the right fit if you are looking for experts within your industry. Collaborating with influencers to create content before and after your event can help you tap into a wider audience and build a higher amount of trust since influencers have a successful rapport and strong emotional connect with their followers. However, make sure to hire the right influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience.

4. Make sure you hire the best event host/speakers for your event

Hosting the event is a tedious job. Your host is the most important person who can help you achieve the objectives associated with your event. This is because he is the one who adds a new, bold personality to your event, shares your brand message with your target audience, gushes about your brand’s journey, success stories and tells a compelling brand story through an impressive speech. It is essential to have the right host on board whose voice can effectively reach the heart and soul of the attendees rather than landing up just on their ears. Always hire an experienced moderator, be it event organizer or speakers who are always finding new ways to connect with the attendees.

A good host knows how to guide the attendees and keep the attendees engaged. He/she knows how to promote interactivity and make the audience realize that their opinions and voices matter. If you find a host that checks all of these boxes, then he is the right one for your event success.

5. Plan and organize extraordinary event entertainment programs

The quality of your event arrangements can make or break your event. While putting up your brand message in a clear and concise manner is one of the most important things and is definitely the main act, interactive and fun elements such as entertainment programs during the event can make in-person events extra special and engage your attendees throughout your event. However, choosing the best entertainment for your event that your attendees and employees will never forget is a daunting task. The pressure is often high on brand managers and event organizers to make the experience an immersive one. But fret not!

Check out below event entertainment ideas to build up momentum and drive engagement during your event.

#Comedy show

We all have heard of the phrase – laughter is a good medicine. Sharing a good laugh can relieve stress and does you more good than you know. Consider harnessing the power of a live comedy performance to boost the energy levels of your employees and attendees and trigger engagement manifolds. Your event organizer can help you choose from various popular types of comedy shows such as slapstick comedy, dark comedy, and surreal humor depending on your event theme and budget.

#Wellness Sessions

Wellness programs are much more than what you comprehend and go beyond improving and maintaining well being. They can help you achieve tremendous business and personal success in the future by balancing mental health. So incorporating a culture of wellness into your event is a great way to keep attendees’ energy levels up and minds engaged during the event. It can be a relaxing activity for event planners too. Whether your company is hosting a corporate and B2B event or product launch or conference, make sure to plan a wellness session during your event to help your attendees get rid of fatigue and drive engagement.

#Photo and Video Booth

Whether it’s a personal event such as a wedding, anniversary or a corporate celebration, a photo and video booth is the best way to capture fun, drive engagement, and ensure that event participants will have memories that will last a lifetime. Installing a photo booth at your event will allow attendees to capture and share videos, photos, in a fun manner and go home with a large pile of selfies. Also when your attendees will share these photo and video content on their platforms, your brand and event fan page will get noticed in a jam packed digital landscape and gain more followers. 

#Invite attendees to shake a leg

Dancing is a whole lot of fun, madness and attracts a lot of crowds. If you are organizing a corporate event to celebrate an achievement, milestones or reward your employees, consider organizing a DJ dance floor and invite attendees to participate. You can also organize a small dance competition for participants (or groups of participants) to battle each other on the dance floor. Also, plan awesome prizes to give to the best one from the lot. Firstly conducting this activity can boost the energy levels of participants and engage them at the end of the event. Secondly, when you stand out in a dance performance and win, the acknowledgement and appreciation that comes with it is truly a remarkable feeling. This can keep your attendees engaged after the event as well.  


Coming up with a great idea/theme that is nothing but the best fit for your event is only the first step towards event success. You then need to find unique ways to spread the message and attract potential customers to your event. Follow all the above mentioned ideas sincerely to engage attendees before and during the event and deliver rewarding events.