Indians have always topped the chart when it comes to celebrating the auspicious occasion of the wedding. A carnival of unforgettable moments, Indian weddings are elaborate and holy celebrations and engage every form of luxurious entertainment. Right from booking the best party banquet hall in town, buying the most expensive outfits, to lavish food buffets for the guests and of course a long list of guests who will attend the wedding, Indian weddings are larger than life, fun and fascinating. But all this color, glitz, glamour, music and food attracts a considerable cost, which is sometimes inconvenient for the families to afford.

Not to worry though! In recent times we are witnessing various couples and families who choose to cut back on their wedding expenses yet retain the aesthetics of the wedding ceremonies in India. Let us take a look at 5 simple ways to plan a budget-friendly wedding:

1. Cut back your wedding guest list and prioritize the important people

During weddings, we mostly end up inviting people or relatives whom we have not even met in a lifetime. This leads to your wedding being much pricier than it would be otherwise. So while you plan the guestlist for your wedding ceremony, prioritize the important people and consider inviting those who hold importance in our life. This way, you will not only save money but also feel connected to the invitees, and you can enjoy a cozy surrounding while you take the vows of marriage.

2. Plan your wedding in advance and shop during discounts

Lock the dates of your wedding at least six months before. You will have enough options to plan your shopping. It is a good idea to shop when deals and discounts are going on. Shop during the festive seasons such as Diwali, Christmas, New Year etc and you are bound to get a good discount on your clothes and other essentials. This way, you will save money as well and get the best deals in town.

3. Do not get blown away with wedding outfits and accessories

How many times do you think you get a chance to adorn your heavy bridal attire or accessories which you bought with thousands or even lakhs of rupees during your wedding? The answer is never! That means most of the shopping you do during wedding ceremonies remains closed in your cupboard for years. So what is the point in spending your fortune on such things? Buy your main wedding outfit by keeping in mind a predetermined budget and buy such costumes and accessories which you can use and wear later as well. Don’t end up spending way more than you wanted to spend.

4. Decide on a menu with minimum wastage

Food and drinks are surely an integral part of the wedding budget.Most of the times, we end up planning a decorative and lavish menu just to ensure a memorable wedding menu that becomes the talk of the town and leaves guests talking about it. Hence the food and menu end up drawing a huge share of our budget. Instead of an elaborate meal, why not plan a simple buffet to cut the wedding costs and satisfy the appetite of your guests without breaking the bank.  The best wedding planners can plan the food and drinks menu wisely and yet in a cost effective manner.

5. Spend less on decor

Venue decoration is one such thing on which we tend to spend a lot. Have you ever imagined that only a little fresh flowers coupled with some other decorative fabrics and imitative flowers would have solved the purpose? We all indeed desire for a princess wedding arrangement, but when the budget is a factor, one can decide to spend less on fresh flowers.

Bonus tips: Be a smart couple! Save your money from unnecessary expenditures during the wedding and make wise investments, which will be your support during difficult times. 

Weddings have a purpose and a deeper meaning. The budget or the money spent on planning it alone cannot decide the value of your wedding and the experiences it would gift to your guests. Even by planning a budget-friendly wedding, one can be assured of all the fun, the drama, colorful ceremonies, hustle bustle and gossips. The best wedding planners can turn your dream wedding into reality even when you are on a budget.