You spend time brainstorming an impressive event agenda and finding an amazing venue for your conference or event, but one of the elements that should not be missed out is entertainment. It can help you generate a significant amount of employee engagement and build customer loyalty that you might not otherwise.

Corporate events are often organized to communicate effectively with the target audience, motivate and reward employees and promote creativity, encourage collaboration and teamwork, or drive engagement and loyalty towards the brand. Adding the entertainment element to the corporate event can make the event more enjoyable, engaging, relatable and add to the immersive experience. It can thus help you achieve the desired goals and objectives in an easy and effective manner. If you are having a corporate event and want to get the most out of it, then below are some great corporate event entertainment ideas that can help you change the game.

1. Consider including escape rooms for fun, outside the box activity

Escape rooms are interactive game rooms designed for a group of people to encourage collaboration and team building. With a goal of solving riddles and puzzles in a fixed amount of time, they can render a unique interactive experience unlike anything. By creating an escape room in your corporate event venue and promoting it, you can not just attract considerable attention from the attendees but can provide a wonderful opportunity to attendees who embrace interaction and bonding. When they would be locked in a room and brainstorm together how to escape, it would encourage teamwork and bonding. When planning an escape room, choose a theme that matches the theme of your conference or event.

2. Organize Mindfulness meditation sessions to reduce stress and burnout

In a world of high stress and fast paced lifestyle, mindfulness meditation sessions can calm the mind, bring in clarity of thoughts and restore the lost focus and attention towards. Most businesses are beginning to realize the importance of meditation for employee’s well being and creativity and incorporating mindful meditation sessions in corporate events. A 10 to 30 minute guided meditation in a quiet room can be like an inner reflection for both employees and participants. All you need for this corporate event entertainment idea is a qualified meditation instructor who can tailor the meditation session to the unique needs of your organization.

3. Leverage Augmented reality and virtual reality to maximize customer experiences

Utilizing revolutionary technologies such as Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)  into your corporate event can be a game changer for your business. While virtual reality is a fully simulated experience, augmented reality layers objects onto the real world. Both technologies are being increasingly utilized within businesses and are becoming ubiquitous too. Now, let us understand this with an example. Incorporate the concept of Indoor virtual reality skydiving into your event and give all your attendees a chance to try something new by allowing them to fly through exotic places. A virtual skydiving experience would not just be magical but a mentally stimulating experience for the attendees and can give an adrenaline rush. Also, including the latest technologies like virtual reality to include in your event can be highly engaging, can capture the attention of the attendees and make your event stand out. By getting a bit crafty and making the dreams of your customers come ultra real, you can connect with them in an even more effective manner. Here’s a tip. Don’t just jump on the trend. Whenever  you plan to design transformative experiences using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Events, make sure they fit with the theme of your event. 

4. Let Live Bands set the mood

Most corporate events are confined to business related discussions and aim at promoting business and sales and increasing revenues. We are not denying the importance of marketing a brand message in a corporate event but combining the event planning with a retreat like live band can be groundbreaking, and may drive both engagement as well as annual sales. If you have an audience that enjoys music as well as is looking for relaxation, live bands that are the greatest of all time can help you create a buzz. If your own team members are passionate about music and have the talent, you may pool them in and jump start your planning.

5. Organize a rapid-fire challenge that your attendees with your enjoy

Rapid-fire challenge is a fast and furious and exciting game that can break the ice during a corporate event. By asking some really catchy and interesting rapid fire questions from your participants either based on the theme of your corporate event or otherwise can help you know your visitors, co-workers much better and in a jiffy. Begin the game by choosing participants at random, ask the rapid fire questions but remember the person has to answer as fast as possible. Because this is what makes the game so fun and revealing! You may also give away prizes to the best participants. Here’s a tip. Use a timer app on your phone to track the time the participant took to answer each question.