The modern corporate life can be very stressful and exhausting at times. Handling multiple and cumbersome tasks such as managing accounts, stocks and sales all day can make the employees lose their nerves and reduce their productivity. To protect your employees from the damaging effects of stress, corporate events come as a saviour!! With entertainment being the focal point, corporate events are all about good food, drinks, music, and not to forget, engaging conversations. When planning a corporate event, it’s crucial to pay extra attention to the entertainment ideas. We have compiled a list of the 10 best entertainment ideas for corporate events.

  1. Hire music groups and musicians – What can be better than listening to your favorite music band while sipping your favourite drink after a hectic week of work? Music can make anything better, your employees and guests would really love the company of the pop superstars and live bands. A soft lighting and good drinks combined with good music will help your employees de-stress and can boost their productivity and energy at work. 

  2. Trick your guests with a magician – Flying pigeons, disappearing volunteers, rabbit from a hat, imagination has no bounds and so does magic. Take your guests down the road of nostalgia with a magic show. A professional magician or illusionist can entertain your guests well with his magic tricks and secrets, reminding them of their lovely childhoods.

  3. Laugh your heart out with a comedian – What would be life if we all stopped laughing? Laughter is a lubricant for life and your employees need to laugh their heart out after every strenuous project. A professional comedian can put a good laugh in the face of all your guests. Engaging everyone with his performance, a live comedy show will make sure that everyone comes together specifically to laugh together.

  4. Go wild with contests – Treasure hunting, fun quizzes, walking and weight loss challenge, and other such fun games can make a corporate event pretty enjoyable. Such contests will not only entertain your guests but will also help them burn some calories and indulge in wellness which they would secretly thank you for.

  5. An office karaoke night can really work – Karaoke is the voice of the heart and can help bring out hidden talents, no seriously. Who knows, maybe one or more of your guests have a hidden singing talent which they can showcase at the Karaoke night. A few drinks would bring out the artists out of your guests, helping them take the stage by fire with their Karaoke skills.

  6. Get grooving with the top DJs in the town – What about getting your guests grooving to the top DJs in the town? Dancing is certainly one of the best exercises to relieve stress and there is no other entertainment that compares to dancing. So you can hire just the best DJ of your town, and let him handle your guests with his Djing skills. Gulp down some cocktails and join other employees and business partners and get grooving, you too deserve some entertainment.

  7. Get hands dirty with Graffiti – Graffiti is the art of streets and is a very popular way to express oneself. You can call in a Graffiti artist for the event and also allow your guests to join him with cans of paints of their choice. Let them get their hands dirty, drawing and expressing their heart out in different colours.

  8. Entertain your guests with a show of circus – Small scale circus shows can be greatly entertaining and would be liked by each of your guest. Acrobats, Aerialists, Fire Breathers and all that you can imagine, these entertainment acts can take your corporate event to the next level.

  9. Explore the world with AR and VR – Imagine diving in the ocean without touching the water, or flying with the birds, wouldn’t that be an exhilarating experience? With augmented reality and virtual reality by your side, that can be possible. Let your guests experience some of the most beautiful parts of the world right at the venue with the AR and VR sessions.

  10. Change lives with the help of a motivational speaker – Calling in a motivational speaker might not seem like a very entertaining thing, but it can give your employees and partners a life changing experience. A good motivational speaker would not just motivate your guests but help you engage your teams. A thought provoking speech filled with some of life’s hilarious experiences would always be a plus to the entertainment.

Great planning and even greater managing skills are the essentials for any corporate event. Even though these are some of the best entertainment ideas, you can do a mix and match according to the taste of your guests. A creative mix and match can result into a great corporate event that would stay fresh in the memory of your guests for decades.